Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Before the Next Teardrop Falls

One of the joys in rehearsing each week is watching and listening as new tunes become Flood tunes. Now, a new song sometimes feels like a new pair shoes, promising but still pinching. Other times, though, that new tune immediately feels like a comfortable old pair of slippers. Here's a case in point. At home over the weekend, Doug Chaffin started picking that old Freddy Fender standard, "Before the Next Teardrop Falls." Doug and Charlie tried it out as an instrumental on Monday night during a jam session at Doug's house. Then yesterday morning Charlie went on the Internet and printed out the lyrics so he could have them waiting for Michelle when she and the guys arrived last night for the weekly practice. As we ran through the new number, we immediately realized we needed to transpose it into a better key, and here's the result. It's second take on the tune, with solos by Doug, Paul and Sam, harmonies by Randy and Charlie and, of course, Michelle's beautiful lead.

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