Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Flood Six Pack!

When we introduced the new "Live, In Concert" album earlier this month, several Flood fans asked if it was still possible to get the band's earlier CDs as well. And the more they talked, the more we realized that, heck, maybe we ought to box 'em up for the holidays. So, we've rolled out The Flood Six Pack! Right now you can get all SIX of The 1937 Flood's commercially recorded CDs (from 2001 to the present) in one package for $59.95. That's more than a third off the regular retail price. Let's see... it's 15 years worth of music, so that's $4 a year…. or, whoa! a penny a day. Hey, it's math -- we can do this all day long… It's also nearly eight hours worth of tunes, so if you want to celebrate Take Your Floodster to Work Day, man, this is all you need! Come to our website,, to read all about it. Meanwhile, here's a snippet from each of the half dozen albums in the collection. Enjoy.

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