Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The First Time with "The Last Time"

Paul Martin is such a joyous addition to The Flood. He brings us beautiful mandolin and guitar work, wonderful vocals, a great sense of humor -- and often very interesting new tunes to try out. For instance, a few months ago, Paul said, just in passing, "Hey, y'all ever heard this one?" and launched into a gorgeous song with a Civil War theme called "The Last Time," one that recorded some time ago by the McPeak Brothers and by The Rarely Herd. Well, the first time that we heard "The Last Time," we fell in love with the song, and we've been playing with it all summer long. Here, from last night's rehearsal, is its latest incarnation. That's Paul on the lead vocal and everyone jumping in on the chorus. We suspect you'll be singing along too before it's done.

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