Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thank you, Billy Edd!

We're often thinking about the great singers and songwriters who have come out of West Virginia and almost always our first thought is of Billy Edd Wheeler, the phenomenal singer/songwriter/writer/artist who was born in Whitesville, in neighboring Boone County 83 years ago. Billy Edd's many tunes include "Jackson," with which Johnny Cash and June Carter scored a Grammy in 1968, "The Reverend Mr. Black," which was a hit for The Kingston Trio in 1963, "Coming of the Roads," which Judy Collins made famous in 1965 and "Coward of the County," which even inspired a 1981 TV movie of the same name. But our all-time favorite Billy Edd song is one that's embedded deep in West Virginia culture: "Coal Tattoo."

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