Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Catch Us at The V Club Tonight!

The Flood is honored and pleased to be playing at The V Club tonight in downtown Huntington, guests of the The Huntington Blues Society. And it's an especially good night because we'll also be trying to raise some money to help the victims of this spring's catastrophic earthquake in Nepal. Our buddy, Chris Sutton, the local blues legend, has a direct connection to one of the victims there. Now, that alone should be reason enough to draw you out, but you need a little further incentive, check this out. Harmonicat Jim Rumbaugh of the Huntington Harmonica Club says he plans to raise few more dollars by dancing to the band. He says a dollar a dance is what he'll charge or pay. "I'll probably spend all my lunch money," Jim says, "but shoot, it's a good cause!" So, come on down at 7 o'clock to 741 6th Ave. and bring your dollars for dancing with Jim!

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