Thursday, April 4, 2013

Solid Gone

The first song Dave Peyton and I ever sang together was "Solid Gone," also known as "Cannonball Blues." It was at a New Year's Eve party in 1972 and we were trying to figure out if we knew any songs in common. Dave had learned it from old Carter Family records and I knew it as a Tom Rush number, but it was the same tune. Now, this was all very antediluvian -- before The Flood. By the following spring, Dave and I would hook up with Joe Dobbs and Roger Samples and the four of us would start The 1937 Flood. "Solid Gone" would a standard for the band for a good long while, but then it drifted away for a few decades. Only recently have we started playing it again, and we're having such a good time with it that, for all times' sake, "Solid Gone" just might find its way onto the new CD we're currently working on. Stay tuned.

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