Thursday, August 22, 2013

Preparing for the Diamond Teeth Mary Festival

Preparing for a gig this Saturday night, we're trotting out a lot of the old stuff -- especially the jug band tunes -- but we're also polishing up some of our newer tunes, like this one, which will also be on the new CD when it comes out this fall. Bob Dylan's "Down in the Flood" seems especially appropriate for us. And about the gig -- we're pleased to be part of this year's Diamond Teeth Mary Blues and Arts Festival. The Flood plays from 7 to 8 Saturday night at Heritage Station in downtown Huntington. Come on out -- we'll have a ball!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, Joe Dobbs!

Last night, on the eve of his 79th birthday, Joe Dobbs was where he is most Wednesday nights, sitting down with the people who have known him more than half his life -- his Family Flood. And my, but Joe was in fine form and rarin' to go, as you'll hear in these two tracks from last night's rehearsal.  In the first one -- an old jug band tune we're dusting off for an upcoming gig -- listen to how Brother Dobbs takes a couple of extra helpings when the solos are being passed around. Then at the end of the evening, Michelle offered up a special message for Joe that let us all wish him a happy birthday.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Got Mine

The Family Flood is back from its month-long break and getting ready for the next gig. We're so pleased that we've been invited to be part of the 4th annual Diamond Teeth Mary Blues and Arts Festival, which will be held right here in Huntington, WV, later this month. In preparation for the show, we're putting together a set of old and new jug band tunes, along with some material perhaps not usually heard at blues fests. For instance, here's a Frank Stokes composition from the late 1920s that was recorded blues giants from Pink Anderson to Jim Kweskin to Ry Cooder. We like the tune so much, it'll also be featured on our new CD, which will be released this fall. Here's a take from last night's Flood rehearsal.